Digital Notice Board

Digital Notice Board: if we talk about schools, since from the inception in education sector, everything got digitalized except the Notice Board, The Notice board didn’t noticed it was same as it was used earlier, lot of irrelevant data pile up on the notice board, and nobody bother to remove the notices/information which are irrelevant as the time passes. 

Digital Notice Board (DNB)  is a unique product for managing  and displaying the content in much efficient way. You can even manage the content of DNB box from anywhere in the world, it was fast, safe and reliable way to display the relevant content on any screen or projector  as (Notice board), some of the features of Digital Notice Board are

1.     Schedule the content ( at what time which content to be displayed in school).

2.     Free templates ( just drag the content for fast execution in existing Templates)

3.     It can display images, Videos, spreadsheets, results Quiz  almost any type of content)

4.     Important notice can be displayed in ticker

5.     Any number of digital notice board with different content can be managed from a single panel.

6.     It require only  wi-fi connection  to connect it to internet.

7.     Plug and play device.