Hosting and Development

Hosting and development  two separate things, and will not perform at best if any one of them is not set properly,
To set the server properly we need to identify the requirement of the client based on that we can provide the solution, which is cost effective and maximum productivity.
we provide hosting solution from shared hosting to dedicated servers, depending on the application and kind of traffic site will generate,  to be hosted on a server, we have the customers having their site in VPS server, shared hosting server, and even in dedicated servers.
Development is another side of the coin, optimized sites can perform much better even in the low hosting environment than a  non-optimized site hosted on  VPS or even on a dedicated server. choosing the right platform for the right application will turn down the cost of hosting and improve the performance which leads to maximum promotion sales and profit. There are few basic rules for development before it runs on live server.
1. Image compression
2. HTML/JS/CSS minify (Compressed)
3 Gzip Compression
4. SEO
5. website Audit includes (site survey to fine if there is any error, warning in any of the page like 404, 301, 302, Sitemap, duplicate content, duplicate pages, analytics and so on)
6. Back links
7. pass the page speed test.