Technical Consultancy

DBCPL can provide Technical consultancy, project management and development of GIS applications. DBPCL team of consultants has wide experience working with a range of GIS technologies, designing and delivering GIS solutions for real business benefits. We focus heavily on the use of globally leading Open Source GIS technologies including QGIS, Open Layers, PostgreSQL, PostGIS and GeoServer. We also have advanced knowledge, skills and experience in ASP.NET, C#, Javascript, Python and SQL.

Spatial Analysis & Modeling

DBCPL has considerable expertise in spatial analysis and modeling in building databases. We create representational and analytical thematic maps i.e Land use/ Land Cover Classification Map, Drainage Map, Forestry Map, Geo-hydrological Map, Infrastructure & Facility Map etc. We do surface analysis (Digital Terrain Mapping, Slope, Aspect etc) Environment Impact mapping (Pollution mapping Demographic, Community etc) .Our highly skilled associates and consultant develop models according to client requirement on different area.

Site Suitability Analysis

DBCPL has helped customers in many sectors (e.g. Asset management, Power distribution, Retail, and facilities management etc.) to identify, screen and select suitable development sites that satisfy a range of criteria. Using GIS we develop models that are used to identify suitable areas of land for development. The models can be simple, covering a few datasets and simple selection criteria or complex, covering a range of datasets and multi-criteria evaluation

Capacity Building/ Training

DBCPL offers customized training courses that fit the client specific needs and requirements. We designed short term and medium term training program on Open GIS and software development. . It introduces the basics and fundamentals of GIS, goes through the advanced analysis techniques, and covers the customized solutions and management. The training is intended for the all level of Government officials, Mangers, Developers, Analysts as well as students

Mapping Production Service

DBCPL can provide full map production services for your publication and promotional material. We can customized map (overlay your data against a suitable background map) according to your requirement

With a large format plotter (capable of up to A0 size), we can provide high quality printed or digital map. Final maps can also be provided as high resolution images in a variety of digital formats e.g. PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPG or any other standard image format.

Software Development

  • Web GIS Service

DBCPL offers rich Web GIS functionality to query, analyze, view and print your information using an online map interface. Web GIS is intended for use within an organization, providing users with access to a range of GIS tools and functions equivalent to many desktop GIS systems.

User access is controlled by individual login and the role management functions provide customizable data and application access by your administrators.

  • Mobile Application

DBCPL offers customized mobile application for Android and IOS. We designed simple, responsive, secured mobile application