Lecture Recording System

Lecture Recording System is a unique product for the first time in India, for recording, searching and retrieval of your class/ auditorium lectures. Lecture Recording System stores classroom lecture in high quality video files (FLV format). The system records good quality audio and video of a lecturer manually (by single click) and semi-automatically (by making schedule for recording).

The authorized users of the system are allowed to search and view vides over intranet. The system can be used for primary schools, colleges, universities, or research institutes to record their day to day lectures or special / expert lectures. The system creates high-quality, and small-size video files and is simple to use. The system is designed especially for the academic audience.

The system to record lectures can create repositories of video for training of students, newly joined lecturers. The Lecture Recording System is vital to any institute which wants to use latest technologies to teach, share knowledge, and get global exposure.

Key Features: